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About the Website Authority Checker SEO tool

Check how authoritative your website is. The more authority a website has and the higher it will be ranked by search engines.

The Website Authority Checker by Linkody will give you several metrics to assess your website authority:

  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Citation Flow (CF)
  • Trust Flow (TF)
  • Spam Score
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What is website authority?

The authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific industry or topic area. The website authority has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines, and therefore on its organic traffic.

Search engines don't communicate how authoritative a website is, or how the authority is used in their ranking algorithm. However, several SEO tools provide their own measure of website authority through their proprietary algorithm that gives a good idea of how authoritative a website may be.

These tools base their measure of a website authority on the relative strength of the site’s backlink profile compared to the other sites.

How to increase website authority?

The authority of a website is directly related to its backlink profile. Therefore improving a website link profile will increase its authority. The strength of a backlink profile is directly related to the number of backlinks and the quality of these backlinks. Use our Backlink Checker to know the backlink profile of any site.

Backlinks are acquired either through link building, or naturally because the website provides good and informative content. Therefore, any effort put into the quality of the website content, and its relevance for its industry or topics will increase the website authority.

How do I find the authority of a website?

Our free website authority checker will give you the best indication of how authoritative a website is by providing several essential SEO metrics: the Domain Authority, the Spam Score, the Trust Flow, and the Citation Flow. It also provides the number of backlinks and referring domains, the number of .edu and .gov links, and the Alexa rank. To get all this data, enter a domain in the search box and click the "SEE AUTHORITY" button.

What is the Domain Authority (DA) score?

The Domain Authority (DA) is Moz's proprietary metric that reflects how authoritative a website is. It is a number on a 0-100 logarithmic scale. This means it is much easier to improve from 20 to 30 than from 60 to 70. The Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, including the number of unique referring domains, the total number of backlinks, and the quality of these backlinks.

What is a good Domain Authority score?

There is no absolute good or bad domain authority. This depends on the website. A website on a very specific niche can have a low domain authority and still be very authoritative in its niche. This number has to be used rather in a relative way, to compare a website with its competitors.

What is the website Spam Score?

The Spam Score is Moz's proprietary metric that reflects the chances of a website to be penalized by Google. It is a number on a scale of 0-100. A number between 61 and 100 is considered a high Spam Score. However, this metric is only a statistical indication of risk. A site with a high score won't always be penalized. Inversely, it is possible that a site with a low score gets penalized.

What causes a high Spam Score?

A website has a high Spam Score if it is linked by a high number of spammy websites. To determine if a website is spammy, Moz uses a proprietary algorithm that takes into account the common features of websites that have been penalized or banned by Google and compares them to the analyzed website.

How do I decrease my website Spam Score?

In order to decrease your Spam Score, you have to get rid of toxic links; links coming from spammy websites. The first step is to find out what these toxic links are. The second step is to have them removed from the referring page or to disavow them. If the owners of these pages don't want to remove the links, you will have to disavow them. Read our complete guide on finding and disavowing bad links to learn more about this process.

What is the Trust Flow (TF)?

The Trust Flow (DA) is Majestic's proprietary metric that reflects how authoritative a website is. It's a score on a 0-100 logarithmic scale. Majestic created a pool of trusted websites by manually selecting them. The Trust Flow calculation is based on the number of these referring websites. Therefore, Trust Flow reflects the quality of links.

What is the Citation Flow (CF)?

The Citation Flow (CF) is Majestic's proprietary metric that reflects how many backlinks a website has. It does not take into account the quality of these referring links and domains. Therefore, Citation Flow is a score that reflects only the quantity of links.