2023 News

WINDY 40 Camira

Milling of the tooling has now started in the milling machine for our new WINDY 40 Camira that will be launched at Cannes Yachting Festival 2023.


FEB 10-19 VENE 23 Båt – Helsinki International Boat Show, Finland
  15-19 Miami International Boat Show, USA
MAR 9-12 Allt för Sjön, Stockholm, Sweden
  16-19 Allt för Sjön, Stockholm, Sweden
APR 14-16 Eriksberg Boat Show, Sweden
  TBA Croatia Boat Show, Split, Croatia
  27-30 Palma International Boat Show
MAY TBA Mandelieu La Napoule Boat Show, Mandelieu, France
  TBA Nacka Strand Water Front Days, Nacka Strand, Sweden
  TBA Hochmuth Spring exhibition, Stansstad, Switzerland
  TBA Veneet Vesillä, Helsinki, Finland
JUL 27-30 POLBOAT Yachting Festival, Gdynia, Poland
AUG 25-27 Marstrand Motorboat Show, Marstrand, Sweden
  TBA Seasight Holmen Fjordhotell Oslo, Norway
31-03 Båter i Sjøen, Aker Brygge - Oslo, Norway
SEP 01-03 Allt på Sjön Gustavsberg, Sweden
  12-17 Cannes Yachting Festival, France
  27-30 Monaco Yacht Show
OCT 11-15 Barcelona International Boat Show, Spain
  TBA Let's Boat 2022 in Stansstad, Switzerland
  25-29 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, USA

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